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Randonnée équestre et voyage à cheval


The horse riding trail is a moment of discovery, conviviality and outdoor life in accordance with your frame the success of which requires the respect for rules which can be different from those you apply in riding school.




  • The harness will certainly be different than this one you're used to. Don't hesitate to ask some help to saddle / unsaddle in order to avoid wounds.
  • Maintain good relations with your horse by adopting an adequate behavior : do not shout, do not make abrupt movements, encourage and reward your horse frequently. A mutual trust has to become established.
  • Respect a safety distance with the horse which precedes you : you have to see the hoofs of the front horse above the ears of yours. Do not catch up the group in the gallop if you set of distance.
  • You must trust in your horse in the difficult passages, hang on to the mane, and leave him the long reins.
  • To relieve the back of your horse, put balances you on your stirrups in the ascents, walk if it is too steep, tilt you behind in the descents and retain your horse.
  • We highly recommand the port of the helmet / riding hat
  • Horses are like humans, this means that you can ask our guide to change horse during the first day if you don't feel good with your horse.




  • Never go down your horse and never change pace without the guide authorization.
  • Ask some assistance to your guide or to the other riders if necessary, and help most novices than you.
  • Pass on to the riders who follow you the information which come front : pace, branch, some danger.
  • Participate in the collective tasks. Share, whether it is the water, the food, the equipment, your experiences !




  • Respect the environment in which you evolve, do not put throw your waste in the nature. Take a lighter during bivouacs to burn the toilet paper, privilege natural shampoo and soap. Pay attention on the fire.
  • Respect the fauna and avoid being noisy in the wild areas. Do not take plants, objects made from feathers, claws and fur of wild animals.




  • Respect the individuals, the institutions, the traditions, the social standards and the religious faiths. But under this pretext, do not abuse the legendary hospitality of certain peoples, who will offer you what will cruelly be lacking to them later.
  • Watch to get dressed according to the local standards and the local values.
  • Learn some words of vocabularies in the local language, it is an always appreciated effort.
  • Never photograph anybody without having obtained before his agreement.
  • Do not hesitate to ask the guide advices on the attitude to adopt.


To finish, remind you that the unusual, unforeseen, sometimes surprising situations will remain your best memories !




Randocheval, le spécialiste de la randonnée à cheval dans le monde entier

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Randocheval - Randonnées à cheval dans le monde entier

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